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    5 Reasons why your child should watch TV

    Forget about what everyone is saying about TV and computer games.  Here are 5 reasons why you need to get your child to sit down and watch TV.  I read that we watch a little over 5 hours of TV or other electronic devices a day!  Are you? If not, here's why you need to catch up.

    1. You will always know where your kids are.  No more worrying about what they are doing outside or what they are learning.  Here, you'll know that your kids are going to be below average.  That's ok, they don't need jobs when they grow up.  They can live with you and keep you updated on the latest shows.

    2. Your kids will thank you now.  Who cares what they think later, or how they'll be deprived of the outdoors and being creative.  What matters is how they feel now, now, now.  Don't worry, they won't get any ideas from the television or shows that they are watching on YouTube. 

    3. TV influences your children about the world around them, so that you don't have to.  No need to explain what life is like in the real world, the responsibilities of a doctor or policeman.  The TV will do it for you.  Yes, that's right, TV will explain how love and romance truly exist. 

    4. Shopping will be easier.  Guess what?  Companies spend trillions of dollars on advertising because they know that you and your children will be influenced.  So, now you don't need to write a shopping list anymore. Your kids will know just the right things to buy from watching these advertisements on TV.  Don't need an extra thigh master? Oh well, you can give it to your neighbor.

    5. Say goodbye to mental energy.  No more answering all of your children's questions and curiousness.  Say goodbye to critical thinking and problem solving.  Need help later in life trying to figure out what to do or need help making decisions? You can ask your neighbor. No problem (unless they're watching a lot of TV, too)

    Of course there are a ton of other reasons why TV is bad for you...oops, I mean good for you.  But these are the top few to start with.  We'll let you find the rest on  your own.