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    Hawai'ian adventure yoga

    Are you ready for a trip to Hawai'i?  If so, here are seven poses to get you feeling the Aloha spirit.  Hawai'i is home to some indigenous animal and plant species that will knock your socks off.   Start your day with a bit of Hawaiian music found on Youtube or Pandora, and get your groove on with these Hawai'ian yoga poses.

    Small Asian Mongoose Pose (Mouse Pose):'Iole manakuke (e-oh-lay ma-na-coo-kay are not native to Hawaii, but are everywhere.  They were brought in to help eat the rats.  Well, rats are active during the night, while mongooses are active during the day.  So, guess what?  Now there's still a rat problem and a mongoose problem.  This is why it's important to do some research before making a decision



    Moray Eel Pose (Snake Pose): there are many types of Puhi (eel) that live in the Hawaiian tropical reefs.  The Moray eel is the largest species and breathes by rhythmically opening and closing it's mouth to pass water over it's gills.  eels hide in caves and crevices and are not aggressive, unless provoked.  They eat fish, crustaceans, and sometimes octopi.  The Viper eel is the largest Moray eel in Hawaii and can reach up to 5 feet long.



    Monk Seal (Downward and Upward Dog): ʻIlio-holo-i-ka-uaua, or "dog that runs in rough water" is what the Hawaiians call the Monk Seal.  This seal is only one of two remaining species of Monk seal.  Most seals live in cold water, but the Monk seal lives in warm waters, such as the water found in Hawai'i.  There are only about 1,100 Monk seals left, so they are critically endangered.  It has a grey coat, white belly and slender physique.



    Dragonfly Pose: The Pinao are beautiful creatures who have been around since the dinosaurs.  They are usually found near water where they hunt mosquitoes, flies, and other small insects.




    Mountain Pose: The Hawai'ian islands are made from lava, which means from volcanic rock.  There are still a few volcanoes on the islands, one of which has been active since the early 80's.  That one is called Kilauea and if you visit it right now, you can see hot lava glowing. 





    Tree Pose:  The Koa tree usually grows to about 80 feet tall.  It can grow up to 30 feet in 5 years, and it's beautiful wood is often used for making furniture, bowls, ukuleles, guitars, and small surfboards.  The trees in Hawai'i are amazing and provide a lot of homes, shelter, food, and shade for the people and animals that live there.




    Pigeon Pose:  Though pigeons are not native to Hawai'i, there are numerous tropical birds and doves all over the islands.  Finches, love birds, and