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    The Art of Daydreaming

    What is daydreaming?  I believe it's a time to be inventive and reflective.  In this busy day in age, when almost everyone seems to have the tendency to overschedule, we often forget the art of daydreaming.  We think "oh, we must plan time for creative play."  That's great!  However, equally important is to allow time to do nothing.  That doesn't mean plopping down in front of a TV or other technological source; it means to relax and stare out the window and watch the world. 

    Daydreaming is magical.  When we daydream or let our children daydream, anything can happen and all things are possible.  When we feel this relaxed, our brain filters out distractions of the moment and goes into a creative surge of imagination and reality.  It's like a delicious blend of ideas, thoughts, dreams, and passions! 

    Daydreaming gives children and people of all ages to dream big, ask questions, ponder and bring their ideas into the real world.  When we daydream, we can dream of the impossible and then hold onto our dreams, continue to question and work to make them come true. 

    We can take daydreaming to the next level by writing down our thoughts and ideas.  For children, have them talk about their ideas and then help them gather the tools and materials they need to create their inventions or carry out their dreams.  Ask questions and believe in their ideas.  Remember, a lot of great inventions came about because of daydreaming.