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    News — peace corner

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    Create a zen space

     In our crazy, fast-paced world, it's important to find a space or spot to relax. Kids need a space to meditate and relax, too.  The outdoors is the best, but when that isn't possible all the time, then creating a space indoors can be just as nice with the right elements. Some people choose to create a "peace corner", while others will turn a whole house into a zen space. Having a peaceful space to retreat to helps children relax, focus, and regain positive energy. 

    First, if you can't be outdoors, bring the outdoors inside.  Add plants to the space.  Plants give us oxygen and we give them carbon dioxide. 

    Next, think about the senses and come up with something for each of the five senses. 

    Touch:  For example, children love cozy, soft pillows.  A heavy, soft blanket helps some children feel safe, secure, and relaxed. 

    Smell:  For sense of smell, you may want to have a collection of jars with various scents inside of them.  Rosemary, lavender, citrus, cloves, and cinnamon are all long-lasting natural smells. 

    Sight:  Colors can have a positive or negative effect on kids.  Light Green and light blue are the most popular calming colors.  Green is a cool color associated with nature and vegetation.  Green is a fresh color and gives a sense of tranquility.  Blue is associated with water and the sky.  It's another cool color which gives a feeling of serenity and purity. 

    Hearing: If you able to play soft music, children love music.  A water feature, such as a water fountain is another idea in case music isn't an option.  Of course, if there's a window...just listening to the sounds outside may be nice.  A basket with a few soft sounding bells or a rain stick is also a nice addition. 

    Taste:  A friend of mine introduced me to spa water.  Basically, you take water and add sliced lemon, sliced cucumber, and mint to it.  Kids love it, it's healthy, and refreshing.  Sipping slowly on herbal tea is a wonderful way to teach children to relax and enjoy the  moment.  Just make sure to assist them with the hot water.

    After you have created this magical space, use it often and share it. Talk about how it makes you and your child feel, and then add or subtract whatever you need.  Just make sure it's not too overwhelming to where the space becomes a play area versus a spot to just chill.  Peace!