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    Feel the Burn

    There are some yoga poses or workouts that you just know are working, because you can feel the heat that your body is emitting.  It's not enough to start a fire, but it's enough to warm you up and give your body a boost of energy and adrenaline.  They may even increase your metabolism. Sometimes people just want to know that work is being done when they are doing yoga.  They want to feel the heat!  So, here are a few poses to get your inner heater turned on and maybe even break a sweat (and if you don't, no worries...you are still getting a good stretch and strengthening your muscles).  Alrighty, here it goes!

    Plank Pose-Why not start with this one in the morning. Wake those lazy bones up.  You won't be moving much...just a plank....and breath.

    Boat Pose-Turn over and sit down with your legs bent and straight out in front of you. Your feet should be flat on the floor with knees bent.  Hands can be to the side or behind you.  Then, lift your feet off the ground and pretend to row with your hands.  Feel the burn in your belly...and don't forget to breathe.  Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. 

    Superman/Super Girl Pose-This pose is also called Locust Pose.  Lie on your belly and keep your legs and arms straight.  Arms can be straight out in front of you or by your side.  Then, lift your legs (keeping them strong and straight), and arms, as well as your chest, shoulders, neck, and head.  This is a good counter stretch after boat pose.

    Bow Pose-While still in Superman pose, reach around and grab your lifted feet and bend them towards your head.  This will really stretch your belly.

    Mouse pose-Take a break in mouse pose to feel  your breath in your belly.  Inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Relax.

    Warrior I, II, III-Do these poses in sequence, spending time in each pose.  Take 5 deep breaths before moving into the next pose.  Also, don't forget to do the sequence with the opposite foot forward.  We always want to balance out our bodies.

    Twisted Chair Pose-Sitting in a real chair doesn't do much, but PRETENDING to sit in a chair will get your heart beat going and boost your metabolism.  Press your palms together (in a prayer position) and twist your body to the left......breath......go back to center and twist to the right.  Don't forget to breath. 

    Eagle Pose-This pose will get your body energized and you will probably feel the heat lifting off your head. 

    I always like to throw in a few jumping jacks or frog jumps either before or after, to get my heart pumping lots and lots of oxygen to my body.  I feel awake and alive.  This is a good replacement for coffee.