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    Avocado Ice-cream.

    When you take something delicious and familiar and then add it to something a little less desirable, it somehow makes that little less desirable thing magically turn into something fantastic.  Cereal companies figured this out years ago: Take cardboard tasting crunchies and then adding sugar.   As a parent and teacher, one of the tricks I learned on how to make things more desirable to kids is to add a few fun words to the mix.  For example, when my daughter is craving something unhealthy at the grocery store, I'll say: "How about an avocado ice-cream?"  She's immediately thrilled with the idea, because it has the word ice-cream.  Then, I grab an avocado, turn it upside down (opposite side of where the stem was), and peel the top skin off so that the bottom looks like an ice-cream cone.