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    Yoga and the Olympics.

    No, no, no...I'm not talking about yoga as an Olympic category.  I'm talking about the many athletes, including the Olympians who include yoga and meditation in their lives.  I was recently reading an articles in the Wall Street Journal, and came across many similarities among the athletes in the Olympics this year.  Besides eating healthy and training, a lot of them practice yoga and meditation.  For example, Elena Hight who is a professional snowboarder, says that she stays mentally focused and prepared by meditating on a daily basis.  She does it almost every morning and every evening.  She's also been doing yoga for quite some time.  All of this helps her keep a clear mind and stay calm throughout an event and life in general.  Then there's Jamie Anderson, another snowboarder who calms herself the night before a race by incorporating meditation and yoga.

    Whether you are an athlete, Olympian, or just plain Jane or Joe; yoga and meditation can do wonders to your body and soul.  It's not a religion, but a way of life. 

    Try it, be open-minded,  and enjoy.