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    Yoga for Shoulder Pain

    Do you ever wake up with shoulder pain?  Or perhaps after playing a sport, your shoulder is killing you?  Instead of heading to the medicine cabinet, try some yoga moves.  If anything, these yoga poses will help strengthen your shoulders, which can help in the prevention of further shoulder and or neck pain. These yoga poses will also build your muscle endurance for special sports such as rowing, archery, horseback riding, and gymnastics. 

    To start with, try Sun Salutations 3-4 times to get the body going.  This will be your warm up.  Remember to move slowly through the poses, so that you really get a good stretch and warm up your muscles. 

    Warrior I, II, and III

    When working through the warrior poses, focus your energy on keeping your head up high and arms straight.  Open up your chest like a strong warrior, protecting the Earth.  Inhale and exhale a few times with each move, so that you get the most out of this series.

    Crab/Table Pose and Lounge Chair Pose

    Crab/Table pose is great for opening up your chest and strengthening your arms.  We like to kick our feet up a few times while in this pose and then after we're pretty tired, we rest in lounge chair pose, which opens up our back and shoulders.  This pose also helps your wrists relax after being in crab/table pose. 

    Criss-cross Pose

    While lying down on your belly, criss-cross your arms in front of you.  Your arms should be out to your sides at a 90 degree angle from your body, so that your back is open and prone.  Take some deep belly breaths, counting to 5 for each exhale.

    Bow Pose

    Lie down on your belly. Reach your arms and hands behind you and grab your ankles. Gently pull your feet towards your head.  Lift your chest and legs off the floor and breath deeply.  Remember to do a counter stretch such as mouse/child pose afterwards.

    Remember to always listen to your body and instincts. If your shoulder pain persists and you feel like you may have a serious injury, talk to your doctor.