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    Fun for Everyone.

    Yesterday we were at the beach park. We had brought one balance board for the heck of it.  Would you believe that we had boys and girls ages 4-73, and we finally found a game that everyone could participate in....yoga moves on the yoga balance board! 



    Everyone that wanted to participate could show off their moves or make up a pose on the balance board.  You didn't even have to  know yoga...you could just make up a pose and give it a name, like "jellyfish."  It was great fun and so easy.  Everyone was a winner, too!  We didn't even have to make up any rules, which seemed to be the problem with all the other games the kids wanted to play.  Also, it was fair, because everyone could do something on the board, whereas when we tried playing Frisbee, the 4 and 5 year olds struggled with throwing the Frisbee.  When we played chase, the older kids could outrun the younger ones.  "Sharks and Minnows"  was requested, but too many kids didn't want rules.  So, thank goodness for the balance board.  I would like to say: "Milkshake board, you saved the day."