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    Being Mindful in a busy age.

    Sometimes I think about the pros and cons of being a child these days.  Naturally, pros and cons can be different for every individual.  For me, the pros are more choices.  Kids these days can do almost anything. The sky is not even the limit.  There are choices about what to have for lunch, or what school they want to go to.  For some people this may seem more complicated and overwhelming, and perhaps it is.  That's why it's so important these days to enjoy each moment and be more mindful of the present.  "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is the present.  That's why we call it a gift" (Chinese Proverb)


    In yoga, we end the day with "Savasana."  It's a little yoga nap where we just lie down, relax, and focus on the present.  It's probably one of the more requested parts of yoga (by both kids and adults), and it not only relaxes you, but energizes you in a way that makes you feel new. 

    Whether you do yoga or not, you can still practice this sort of meditation.  It only takes about 10 minutes of resting your body and clearing your mind of any thoughts that are negative or too busy.  Lie down on the grass, snow, sand, on a mat or board, or wherever...as long as it's safe. Inhale and exhale deep breaths and just think about 10 things that you are happy and thankful about.