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    Kids Yoga

    The benefits of yoga in general are well known.   These same benefits are available to kids to learn and develop as they grow.   These same characteristics, benefits and skills can grow with them as they age.   Unlike learning yoga as an adult,  the challenges for kids often involve retaining their interest.   Using a Milkshake balance board adds an extra challenge to performing the poses that have a way of keeping the youth engaged with Yoga and their practice.  Kids remain focused due to the extra mental effort needed to keep their balance.

    Here are some common examples of kids yoga poses performed on Milkshake balance boards:

    Here is another set: 

    What you should find is that if you have your child follow along an adult while they do a yoga routine,  with them on their milkshake board,  they will be equally challenged and will remain engaged.  

    Training for Surfing

    Have you tried surfing before?  Do you want to prepare your body for that day of catching waves and feeling your board harmonizing with the energy of the ocean?  Did you know that the surfing is not only balance and timing, but it involves a tremendous amount of paddling.  Experienced surfers agree that they spend more time paddling than riding waves.  

    Your first day of surfing, you will realize your arms will become limp noodles and your rib cage will hurt from lying on a hard board all day.  Your neck will ache, your shoulders will sore, and your arms have given out.  So prepare for surfing by training beforehand.  You don't have to go to the ocean, you don't have to go to the gym, you can train at home on your Milkshake Board.

    Exercise 1:  Paddle-paddle-paddle

    This exercise increases the endurance and strength of the muscles used in paddling. The rockers of the board encourages stability in the core musculature to maintain balance.  

    Lie prone on the board and start paddling your arms, just gently scraping the ground like you were swimming in 4" of water.  Do this for 1 minute and gradually increase to 5 minutes.  

    Exercise 2: Back extensions

    This exercise will help develop your muscles in your back and neck and build up the area of your rib cage as you press your chest into the board.

    Lie prone on the board and raise up your chest and legs.  Hold for counts of 15 seconds and relax.  Repeat 20 times.

    Exercise 3: Push-up and pop

    You've found your wave, you are paddling fast to get ready to ride your wave.  Now you have to push up and pop into a low balance position on your board and ride that wave in.  This exercise will not only help build those muscles used for pushing up, but it will create the muscle memory of popping into a balanced position, low on the board.

    Lie prone on the board, place your hands near your chest gripping the sides of the board, tuck your toes under and do a push-up.  Practice doing push-ups on your board keeping your core engaged.

    For popping, you will continue to grip the sides of the board but as you are doing a push-up, you will pop your feet in a low balanced position and you will release the board with your hands and use them for balance out by your side.

    Partner Poses: Balance and Stability

    Partner poses are great for bonding, making new friends, reconnecting, or just having some fun.  Here are 5 poses to get the giggles going with a friend.  Try each one, taking turns and making sure that both partners get the chance to lead.  Then, make up your own poses!


    Buddha Jumps over the wall:  This made up pose requires focus and determination.  It will help build confidence and creativity.


    Rooftops:  Don't forget to look into each other's eyes when getting into this pose. See who can gaze the longest before blinking or looking away. Start with hands pressed together, standing only one foot apart.  Then, step away from each other and slowly push hands up into the air.  Smile, laugh, and have fun.


     Warrior Friends:  Face each other.  Have each partner put one foot forward.  Then, place the other foot back, bending the knee of the leg that's forward.  Hold hands and stretch.  Try with the opposite leg and experiment with different stretches.  Stay strong and work together. 


    Double Dog Variation:  The first partner should get into "downward dog" position, making a triangle with their body.  The second partner will then rest their legs onto the first partner's bottom.  In this double dog variation, both partners can look at each other. See if you can howl or bark like a dog five times. Just make sure not to kick your partner!



    Forest of Trees:  We love doing this pose on the balance board because it really requires a lot of balance, stability, and communication.  Try balancing on each leg and take turns describing what kind of tree you would like to be. Or talk about how trees are important to us here on Earth. 




    Remember to always breathe and work together when doing partner poses.  Listen to each other's ideas and come up with variations to each pose. Namaste.

    Partner Pose: Downward Dog

    Out of all the partner poses, this one is a favorite!  Kids love to say: "I double dog dare you!" and then take turns being the first dog or the dog on top. 



    This pose gives children confidence, decreases anxiety, decreases headaches and tension, and increases full-body circulation.

    Downward Dog also strengthens the back, shoulders, hands, wrists, lower back, hamstrings, calves, and Achilles tendon.


    Whoever is on top can either rest their feet on the bottom person's back or seat.  Have fun...arf arf.


    Why Men Should Do Yoga


    Ok all men out there....here's why you need to start doing yoga now.  Whether you are 15 or 85, yoga is hot!  Here are another 5 reasons to get your yogi on.


    1)  Yoga strengthens your body and gives you a whole body workout without injury.  So many sports cause injury to the body, which can do everything from stunt growth to causing debilitation. Yoga is safe, effective, and produces results. It also complements other sports and activities, causing greater flexibility and strength. It can help with muscle soreness and recovery, as well as pain relief. Want to sculpt your muscles?  Go Yoga.

    2) Yoga helps you focus and gives you energy.  No matter what you do in life, these two attributes are essential.  Yoga will provide you with this and more.  Trying to study for a test?  Need to impress that new boss?  Want to climb that mountain?  Yoga will be your best buddy.

    3) Yoga will improve your balance and coordination.  Perhaps you like to snowboard or surf...or maybe you play golf or ride a bike.  No matter what it is that you do, balance and coordination are important.  The older we get, the more we need to focus on these vital concepts. Balance and coordination are the key to independence.  Yoga will keep you in check.

    4) Yoga relieves stress.  Here's something that you can do anywhere at almost anytime.  Yoga will teach you many techniques of stress-relief.  Even a 10 minute yoga break can do wonders on the body and the mind.  Who likes to hang out with stressful people?  Do your body a favor as well as make those around you happy-yoga is the key.

    5) Yoga is hot! I can't say this enough.  Everyone knows that women and kids love yoga, but did you know that women and kids love it when men do yoga?  That's right! Not only will you reap the benefits of the above and more, but your kids, wife, girlfriend....you get the point....will think you are Sizzling!  Not to mention dads doing yoga sets a great model example for the kids. Don't believe me?  Give it a try and see for yourself.  Huzzzzu.