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    News — partner pose

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    Partner Pose: Downward Dog

    Out of all the partner poses, this one is a favorite!  Kids love to say: "I double dog dare you!" and then take turns being the first dog or the dog on top. 



    This pose gives children confidence, decreases anxiety, decreases headaches and tension, and increases full-body circulation.

    Downward Dog also strengthens the back, shoulders, hands, wrists, lower back, hamstrings, calves, and Achilles tendon.


    Whoever is on top can either rest their feet on the bottom person's back or seat.  Have fun...arf arf.


    Partner Pose: Boat Pose

    Here is our partner pose of the week....Boat pose. 



    How To:  

    1) Have two friends get on the board facing each other.

    2) Put soles of feet together-pressing against partner's feet.

    3) Hold hands.

    4) Lift feet off the ground into boat pose.


    Have fun!