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    News — inflatable SUP

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    Inflatable SUP

    What's an SUP?  STAND UP PADDLEBOARD...and they're awesome! If your not on your balance board at home, this is a great alternative or visa versa.  Think it's hard? YES.  Think you can't do it? WRONG.  You can do it! And if you are doing any sort of balance activities at home or anywhere else (ice-skating, snowboarding, surfing, etc.), then you should be able to knock this baby out in no time.  Some tips are to practice on a body of water that is calm,cool, and collect.  I say "cool" because if the water is cold, you will for sure try your best not to fall in.  The colder, the better.  Once you get the hang of it, give it a shot on the ocean for even more fun and challenge.  Not only will you be able to see all around you, but you'll be able to see things in the water under you (think: sharks, rays, jellyfish). 
    Supping as they call it, is just like using a balance board.  It has all of the great benefits such as a core workout, improvement of focus and balance, and coordination.  What are you waiting for? Give it a shot!
    Girls + Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards = Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeezy
    Warning: Inflatable SUPs cause lots of laughter and silliness!
    Question: Where do people stand-up paddle board these days? I know they are doing it in California and Taiwan.  Where else?