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    Milkshake Boards was born from ideas of my crazy family; lovers of fun, wood-working, balance, the ocean and paddleboarding.

    Ripples, my daughter, first came up with the idea of a kids balance board, which she named "Milkshake Boards" and even ran a successful Kickstarter campaign: 

    • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/719826049/milkshake-balance-boards-made-in-the-usa


    My name is Glynn Turquand.  My business partner, Keith, loved the name as much as I did.  So, after Ripples moved on to Harry Potter we decided to run a little further with MILKSHAKE BOARDS.

    Already Keith and I own XTERRA WETSUITS (making triathlon wetsuits), XTERRA BOARDS (making inflatable paddleboards) and XTERRA SURF.  We both strive to expose our kids to new adventures, and are always looking for ways to turn them into healthy and happy young citizens.

    We both have daughters about the same age who have great balance because we are always pushing them to practice, and build their confidence on and off the water.  So, we decided that a kids stand up paddleboard company would be great for them.

    Our first edition of boards - FRUIT EDITION - was my eldest daughter's idea.

    Our second edition of boards - EMOJI EDITION - was Keith's eldest daughter's idea.

    As for the 3rd & 4th editions..... fortunately we both have more daughters with whom to brainstorm.

    We know your kids will enjoy MILKSHAKE BOARDS as much as our kids.

    - Glynn

    - Keith