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    Yoga for Teens.

    Sometimes in my classes, I have teenagers.  The beauty of yoga for teens is that being a teenager comes with a lot of stresses, and yoga can help.  For one, teenagers are going through a different set of social  and emotional growth and development.  They struggle with sense of identity, feel awkward with their bodies (which are still changing sometimes on a daily basis), and the hormones rushing through their bodies cause moodiness, as well as feelings of love and passion.  They strive for independence and test their limits.

    Teenagers are also dealing with school and academic pressure.  Even though their intellectual interests are expanding and becoming more important, they are still mostly interested in the present with limited thought for the future (that usually develops in the later teens). 

    When teens do yoga, they can learn many skills to help them through this awkward, yet exciting time of their lives.  Breathing exercises can help with the daily school anxieties about tests or whether they are accepted into a group of friends or not.  The physical benefits of yoga compliment any sports that the teen may be doing.  And then there's the relaxation part of yoga which can just overall give a sense of calmness and allow for a time to be mindful.  Yoga can give a teen a sense of overall well-being. It's a great place to talk about concerns, issues, self-confidence, love, and life in a safe and respectable setting.